On this page, you’ll find a segmented list of our various programs, including concert programs, youth outreach programs, and programs for adults. Feel free to call or write for more information on anything you find interesting!

Concert Programs

Two Trios – Flexible programming featuring brass, strings, and woodwinds. Our two trios program developed as a means to bridge the gap between the brass “world” and chamber music as a whole.

Seasonal Music

Winter Holidays – We have a repertoire of 20+ holiday pieces, from traditional hymns to excerpts from popular culture holiday tunes.
Oktoberfest! – 10+ pieces including excerpts from classical music, traditional Oktoberfest tunes, and modern German music.
Celebration – Varied program of traditional and classical wedding ceremony music.

Youth Programs

Five Pieces for Brass Trio – Three–day Composition and Performance Workshop for students 11-14

Three day program created in collaboration with composer Nathan Wilson Ball (commissioned for Five Pieces for Brass Trio). In addition to working on technical aspects of brass playing, the students are introduced to the idea of thematic development, playing as an ensemble, counterpoint, and the art of composition.

Students finish the workshop with a performance of a theme and variation based on Five Pieces for Brass Trio, followed by a full performance of the piece by the Wenham Street Brass. For more information on the educational purposes of the piece used in the workshop, which focuses On music’s connection to math, expression, language, and emphasis on brass, see Mr. Ball’s blog post here.

Build it Yourself – One-week camp for students 5-10

Developed in 2011 with help from Warren Senders, author of the “Ways of Listening curriculum. Students build simple percussion, string, wind instruments using every-day materials. While this program isn’t brass centric, students are introduced to essential aspects of music making – namely rhythm, tone, and melody. A final performance includes simple musical compositions performed with Justin, Matt and Joe.

Art of Brass Master classes and workshops

We can cater our Art of Brass workshops to beginners through college students. Using our multimedia collected over two years from the world’s best brass players, we present and perform directly on one of three subjects: 1) musicality, 2) daily routines, 3) brass history and pedagogy.

Programs for Adults

France, meet America – 50 minute program for adults

This program traces the commonalities and evolution of music from American, French, and Belgian composers with music written between 1917 and 1939. From the incredible mixing of Americana motifs in He is There to the elements of jazz in the European pieces and the Kern, all of these pieces have been heavily influenced by American style. Only two of the pieces were originally written for brass trio, which opens a discussion of arranging choices and a discussion of the our individual personalities and that of our instruments. We have performed variations of this interactive program around Boston.