The art of of brass project started in 2011 as a way to explore the crazy, specialized world of brass. We got the idea to videotape ourselves and people we really admire talking about EVERYTHING brass, from instrument production to teaching to preparing for a solo performance. These are actively being used in our outreach presentations for all ages. We’re also developing a database of names and organizations; our attempt to create a narrative out of all our work. We’re excited to share what we learn as this project evolves!

In October 2011 we spoke with Joseph Anderer of the Metropolitan Opera and Sean Scot Reed, director of brass studies at New York University. The information and stories provided by both of these great musicians has already provided us with a great wealth of documentation for the project. Our former trombonist and arranger (who recently moved to Portland, OR), provided a huge amount of help in the early time in this project.

We’ve since interviewed brass repairmen, current and former Boston and Cleveland Symphony brass players, and New York based artists. A big thanks to all of them for their contributions, which total well over 10 hours of video.